Connie Ghostlaw,Food Service Helper - Mrs. Ghostlaw has been working at BMC as a food service helper for 22 years but before that she was a substitute at BMC for 8 years. Her favorite thing about working at BMC is the people and kids. Mrs. Ghostlaw enjoys baking delicious pies, cakes, and cookies. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, traveling, and knitting. A funny memory that Mrs. Ghostlaw remembers, years ago many of the junior class called her grandma because her granddaughter had told everyone that Mrs. Ghostlaw was grandma.


Chuck Phippen, Grade 6 Teacher - Mr. Phippen has been working at BMC for 25 years. A fun fact about Mr. Phippen is he used to be a logger before he become a teacher. Some of Mr. Phippen's hobbies include sports of any kind, four-wheeling, hunting, and fishing. Mr. Phippen has two boys that are in high school and a daughter in college. His favorite thing about working at BMC is spending time with the kids and seeing the aha moment.


Wayne Fletcher, Earth Science Teacher - Mr. Fletcher has been at BMC for 18 years. His favorite unit to teach is Rocks and Minerals. His favorite thing about working here is the people. His favorite hobby outside of school is traveling to visit his kids. Some fun facts about Mr. Fletcher are that he was a dairy farmer for 27 years before becoming a teacher and he has 4 college degrees.


Kelly Tavernia, Supervisor of Attendance- Mrs. Tavernia has been an employee with BMC since 2004. Her favorite thing about working at BMC is seeing the students. She loves to read and travel, and a fun fact about her is that is has identical twins.