Season 2:

Jaxon Benway

Jayden Dabiew

Collin Gervais

Sabrina Jiang

Marley King

Kasey Martin

Hannah Waldron

Luke Wilson

Kylie Wood

Episode 1: Introduction to "The Pawcast"

Episode 2: Book Talk with Novel-Tea (Part 1)

Episode 3: Weird Food Combos

Episode 4: School Memories

Episode 5: Cartoon Friends

Episode 6: Wizard of Oz

Episode 7: Career Fair

Episode 8: BMC School Events

Episode 9: Jokes

Episode 10: BMC's Budget Vote

Episode 11: "Peaches"

Episode 12: Book Talk with Novel-Tea (Part 2)

Episode 13: Baked Goods

Episode 14: Sleep Benefits

Episode 15: Favorite Kids Movies

Episode 16: What if WALL-E never met EVE?

Episode 17:  Be Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy

Episode 18: Silly Things We Believed As Kids

Episode 19: Freshman Year

Episode 20: Senior Trip 2023

Episode 21: Book Talk with Novel Tea (Part 3)

Episode 22: Should Students Get a Break?

Episode 23: The Last Pawcast - Sweet 'n' Sour


Brushton-Moira School

BMC Panther Talk Podcast


Ashlyn Greenwood

Nathan Casey

Ayden Dumas

Brenden Hence

Episode 1: BMC Panther Talk Introduction

Episode 2: Breakfast Talk

Episode 3: New Playground Interviews 

Episode 4: Playground Maintenance Day

Episode 5: Red Ribbon Week

Episode 6: Childhood Video Games

Episode 7: Sports Talk

Episode 8: Halloween

Episode 9: Lunch Talk

Episode 10: CTE Program

Episode 11: Thanksgiving

Episode 12: Benefits of Podcasts

Episode 13: Morbid Matters

Episode 14: Answers You Never Asked For

Episode 15: Christmas Activities

Episode 16: PTSO Christmas Shop

Episode 17: The Grinch

Episode 18: High School Mini-Olympics

Episode 19: Basketball and Cheer

Episode 20: Bowling

Episode 21: End of an Era