Congratulations to the 2022 Awards  Recipients. 

President’s Award for Educational Excellence for seniors who have earned a grade point average of 90 and above. The recipients of this award are: 

Lauren Schack-Sehlmeyer, Alison Hebert, Jaeden Sauve, Teaghan Phelan, Emma Russell, Lucas Hart, Lillie Wood, Bailey Traynor, Savannah Beachy, Wyatt Preve, Abygail Clark, Madisyn McCray, Carson Roy, Jasmine LaSalle, Mel Rudolph, Natalie Palmer, Alexis Pickering and Gregory St. Hilaire.

The President’s Awards for Educational Achievement to 3 students, per grade level, that have demonstrated perseverance, tremendous growth and academic commitment throughout the year. The recipients are: 

9th grade:  Alyssa Gratton, Nathan Anderson and Audrey St. Hilaire

10th grade:  Ethen Abare, Becca Lennox and Miyah McCray

11th grade:   Riley Langdon, McKenna Oakes and Josephine Trumble

12th grade: Jaden Barcomb, Shyreesha Cayea, and Madison St. Denis

The New York State Comptroller’s 2022 Student Achievement Awards are given to graduating students who have demonstrated leadership potential through involvement in activities that improve the school and/or community, academic excellence and commitment to public service.  These awards are presented to:

Bailey Traynor, Jasmine LaSalle, Natalie Palmer, Emma Russell, Lauryn Schack-Sehlmeyer, Lillie Wood, Alison Hebert, Teaghan Phalen  and Savannah Beachy.

The Triple C Award recognizes students with tremendous Commitment to bettering themselves, our school and our community; with strength of Character, which has helped them achieve their goals and will guide them in making the right decisions in the future, and with remarkable Courage, which will aid them in meeting all of the challenges ahead, I am pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Triple “C” Award:Triple “C” Award goes to: 

Riley Langdon and Claire Durant

2022 Dekalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award - This award goes to an outstanding high school senior with a superior record of scholarship, leadership and agricultural work experience. The recipient this year is Madisyn McCray.

The Clarkson University Leadership Awards Program is meant to recognize students in their Junior year who demonstrate strong leadership qualities, positively impact their school and local community, and have a proven academic record.  This award is for students who may be interested in attending Clarkson University.  The Leadership Award totals $60,000 over four years spent at Clarkson University.

This year’s Leadership Award goes to  Amelia Supernault.

Congratulations to all of our students who earned a 89.5 average and who were the top two of their class. 

12th Grade

Savannah Beachy 

Lucas Bowen 

Abygail Clark 

Shannah Cook-Chevier 

Colby French 

Lucas Hart 

*Alison Hebert  

Kennadey Hebert 

Jasmine LaSalle 

Madisyn McCray 

Savanna Oakes 

Natalie Palmer 

Teaghan Phelan 

Wyatt Preve 

Carson Roy 

Emma Russell 

Jaeden Sauve 

*Lauren Schack-Sehlmeyer 

Gregory St. Hilaire 

Bailey Traynor 

Lillie Wood 

11th Grade

Olivia Bobbie 

Jayden Dabiew 

Jazlyn DeBeer 

Janna Debyah 

*Claire Durant 

Lacey Lamica 

Kyra Mackey 

McKenna Oakes 

*Amelia Supernault 

Myah Taylor

10th Grade

London Beachy 

Baylie Benware 

Isaac Childs 

*Samantha Clookey 

*Orianna Cotten 

Ellie Dodge 

Gage Halavin 

Logan Jones 

Jacob LaSalle 

Becca Lennox 

Miyah McCray 

Dawson Niles 

Kyla Phelan 

Carissa Smith 

Katlyn Welch 

9th Grade

Nathan Anderson 

*Hayden Bowen 

Landyn Bushey 

William Clookey 

Lillian Cotten 

Asher Dabiew 

Jacob Debyah 

Madelyn DePaul 

Kyle Fisher 

Madison Fleury 

Ashlyn Greenwood 

Isabelle Hurteau 

Anthony Jiang 

Tyler Lynch 

Hannah Manchester 

Danielle McCaffrey 

Mari Mendoza 

*Hagen Norman 

Riley Pickering 

Lillie Robideau 

Tristan Russell 

Kallen Ryan 

Audrey St. Hilaire 

Natalie St. Mary 

Jazmin Taylor 

8th Grade

Colton Curran 

Samantha Dabiew 

Sophie DeBeer 

Brexyss Gerow 

Makaylie Gilmore 

*Sabrina Jiang 

Lillian Jones 

Allie Lennox 

Angie Lennox 

*Allyson McCaffrey 

Brody McDonald 

Addisyn Mitchell 

Brennan Shova 

7th Grade

*Olivia Barney 

Addison Childs 

Peighton Childs 

Zyren Clark 

Mallory Dabiew 

Gianna DePaul 

Ayzek Dumas 

Delaney Durant 

Carson Fleury 

Christian Holmes 

Isaiah Kingsley 

Fionah LaVigne 

Mylie McCray 

*Adleigh Norman 

Ethan Reome 

Mason Robinson 

Alexis Rule 

Parker Russell 

Travis Schroen 

Rylee Traynor