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Athletic Director
Missie Hastings-LaVigne - extension 1108

Fall 2017
Girls' Modified Soccer-Bryan Nardo
Girls' JV Soccer-Sara Palmer
Girls' Varsity Soccer-Chuck Phippen
Boys' Modified Soccer-Emily McKernan
Boys' JV Soccer-Jason Massaro
Boys' Varsity Soccer-Adam Britton
Modified Volleyball-Melissa Durant
Varsity Volleyball-Michele Russell
Cross Country-Dwayne Ghostlaw/Gina McCarthy

Winter 2017-2018
Girls' Modified Basketball-Donald LaMay
Girls' JV Basketball-Bryan Nardo
Girls' Varsity Basketball-Matt Mitchell
Boys' Modified Basketball-Adam Britton
Boys' JV Basketball-Tim McCarthy
Boys' Varsity Basketball-Randy Todd
Cheerleading-Kathleen Hooker
Biddyball-Roland Moquin

Spring 2018
Modified Softball-Sara Palmer
Varsity Softball-Ashley Lamica
Modified Baseball-Burt Peck
Varsity Baseball-Jody Johnston


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2016-2017 Girls' Modified Soccer

boysmodified soccer16-17
     2016-2017 Boys' Modified Soccer

2016-2017 Boys' JV Soccer


 2016-2017 Girls' Varsity Soccer            

2016-2017 Boys' Varsity Soccer

2016-2017 Modified Volleyball                                                                       

2016-2017 Varsity Volleyball

2016-2017 Girls' Cross Country

2016-2017 Boys' Cross Country

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